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What Is The Best Instrument To Play With Handpan?

Best Instrument To Play With Handpan

While there are many instruments that can complement the sound of the handpan, the didgeridoo and djembe are two popular choices. The deep, resonant sound of the didgeridoo pairs well with the handpan’s harmonic tones, while the djembe’s rhythmic beats can create a dynamic and engaging musical performance.


The didgerido is a popular choice for playing alongside the handpan due to its deep and resonant sound. The didgeridoo’s low-pitched drone complements the harmonic tones of the handpan, creating a meditative and soothing musical atmosphere. The didgeridoo is also versatile in its playing techniques, allowing for rhythmic beats or sustained notes that can harmonize with the handpan’s melodic lines.

Best Instrument To Play With Handpan
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Additionally, the didgeridoo’s cultural significance as an indigenous Australian instrument adds a unique element to any musical performance. Overall, the didgeridoo is a fantastic choice for playing with the Handpan and can add depth and richness to any musical arrangement.


Djembe is a type of drum that originated in West Africa. It is a popular instrument that is played with the hands, and it complements the handpan beautifully. The djembe produces a loud and resonant sound that can be used to create a rhythm that harmonizes with the handpan’s melody.

Best Instrument To Play With Handpan
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The djembe is played by hitting the drumhead with the hands and fingers, and it requires a great deal of skill and practice to master. If you want to create a beautiful and unique sound, combining the handpan with a djembe can be an excellent option.


The flute is a wind instrument that is played by blowing air into the instrument’s mouthpiece. It is a popular instrument that is commonly used in classical music and traditional folk music. The flute produces a soft and melodic sound that can be used to complement the handpan’s soothing tone.

Best Instrument To Play With Handpan
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When played together, the handpan and the flute can create a beautiful and harmonious sound that is perfect for meditation and relaxation. If you want to add a touch of elegance to your handpan playing, consider incorporating a flute into your performance.


The guitar is a popular instrument that is used in a wide range of music genres. It is a stringed instrument that is played by plucking or strumming the strings. The guitar produces a rich and full-bodied sound that can be used to accompany the Handpan’s melody. When played together, the guitar and the Handpan can create a unique and mesmerizing sound that is sure to captivate the audience. If you want to create a performance that is both entertaining and engaging, consider incorporating a guitar into your Handpan playing.

What instrument sounds like a handpan?

The Handpan is a relatively new musical instrument that was first created in the early 21st century. It has a unique sound that is similar to a steel drum or a gamelan, but with a more melodic and mellow tone. Some other instruments that have a similar sound to the Handpan include the Hang drum, the steel tongue drum, and the Halo drum. However, each of these instruments has its own unique sound and playing style.

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What is the most popular handpan?

The most popular Handpan on the market is the Hang drum, which was first created in Switzerland. However, due to the high demand and limited supply, the price of a Hang drum can range from $4,000 to $15,000 or more. Other popular Handpans include the Halo drum, the Spacedrum, and the Pantheon Steel Halo.

What key is best for handpan?

When it comes to choosing the best key for a handpan, it really depends on the player’s personal preference and the type of music they want to play. Some common keys for handpans include D minor, C major, E minor, and G major. Each key has its own unique sound and mood, and can be used to play a wide variety of musical styles. Ultimately, the best key for a handpan is the one that feels the most natural and inspiring to the player.


Do I need to have experience playing these instruments before I can play them with the handpan?

Yes, playing these instruments requires a great deal of skill and practice. It is recommended that you take lessons or practice with an experienced musician before attempting to play them with the handpan.

Can I play other instruments with the handpan?

Yes, you can play other instruments with the handpan, such as drums, percussion, and melodic instruments, to create unique musical arrangements.


In conclusion, the handpan is a versatile and unique instrument that can be combined with a variety of other instruments to create beautiful and captivating music. Whether it’s pairing it with drums for a rhythmic beat, using it alongside a guitar for a melodic accompaniment, or adding it to a full band setup for a unique sound, the possibilities are endless. Ultimately, the best instrument to play with the handpan is the one that complements its unique sound and allows for a harmonious and enjoyable musical experience.