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Igil Instrument – A Guide

Igil instrument is a type of traditional Korean stringed instrument. It has a unique sound and is used in a number of different genres of...

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Baroque Guitar Luthier Tool

The baroque guitar is a string instrument with a long neck and frets, and a flat back. It is similar to the modern classical guitar but has...

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Baroque Guitar VS Classical Guitar?

The choice between Baroque guitar vs Classical guitar depends on the type of music the musician wants to play. If the musician is...

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12 Neck Guitar Double And Triple Neck

The 12 neck guitar is a unique and interesting instrument that allows the player to have 12 different notes available at any one time. This...

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8 Necked Rock Ock An Unique Item To Look

The 8 necked rock ock is a venomous creature that lurks in the shadows, waiting to strike at its unsuspecting prey. This creature is feared...

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What Type Of Instrument Is A Zither?

A zither is a musical instrument in the string family. It has a long, flat body with a number of strings stretched across it. The player...

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Is Zither And Guzheng The Same?

The guzheng is a Chinese plucked zither with a more than 2,500-year history. Guzheng is usually made with 18-21 strings and movable...

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