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How to Play Cajon With Guitar

How to Play Cajon With Guitar

Are you looking to add a beat to your guitar playing? A cajon is a box-shaped percussion instrument. It’s a fun and portable way to make music. We have some easy steps to help you play the cajon with guitar.

Understanding the Instruments

The cajon is a wooden box that you sit on to play. It has different sounds on different sides. The guitar has six strings and makes melody. You strum or pick the strings to play it.

Getting Started With Cajon

  • Sit on the cajon with your back straight.
  • Place your hands flat near the center of the front panel.
  • Tap the cajon for a basic beat.
How to Play Cajon With Guitar

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Getting Started With Guitar

  • Hold the guitar properly. Rest it on your knee.
  • Place your fingers on the strings to make chords.
  • Strum down across the strings for a simple rhythm.

Creating a Simple Beat

Before playing together, make a simple beat on the cajon. Use basic strumming patterns on the guitar.

InstrumentWhat to Do
CajonTap with your hands in a steady pattern.
GuitarStrum down and up in time with the cajon.

Practicing With Both

Now, combine the cajon and guitar. Start slow. Make sure your beats and strums match.

Simple Rhythms to Try

  1. Four Counts: Tap the cajon on each count.
  2. Three Counts: Make a rhythm with three beats.
  3. Adding Accents: Hit harder on certain beats.

Syncing Cajon and Guitar

For every cajon beat, there should be a guitar strum. They must be in time. Find a pattern that works for both.

Practice Tips

  • Start with a metronome to keep time.
  • Kids, playing with a friend can be more fun!
  • Feel the rhythm and enjoy the music.

Cajon Techniques For Beginners

Let’s learn some basic cajon beats. These are easy to start with.

  1. Bass Tone: Hit the middle with your full hand.
  2. Snare Tone: Tap the top corners with your fingertips.
  3. Ghost Notes: Light taps for a softer beat.

Guitar Strumming Patterns

Here are some simple guitar patterns to play along with. Try these first.

  1. Down Strums: Just move your hand down across the strings. This is easy.
  2. Alternate Strums: Go down and up in a steady rhythm. It’s more fun!
  3. Chord Changes: Switch between chords to make a song. Practice to get better.
How to Play Cajon With Guitar

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Playing Together

Have one person on cajon and one on guitar. Play the simple beats together. It’s like a musical conversation!

Fun Songs to Play

Choose songs with easy rhythms. Here are a few you can start with:

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Play Cajon With Guitar

What Is A Cajon Drum?

A cajon drum is a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front face with the hands.

Can You Play Cajon With Guitar?

Yes, a cajon can complement a guitar by providing rhythm and bass, enhancing the overall acoustic performance.

Is Cajon Easy For Beginners?

Cajon is beginner-friendly, as its playing technique is straightforward and it does not require complex hand coordination.

What Guitar Genre Suits Cajon?

Cajon pairs well with acoustic genres, such as folk, flamenco, and singer-songwriter music, thanks to its versatile sound.


Playing cajon with guitar is joyful and rewarding. Start with these tips. Remember, practice is key. Have fun making music!