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Steel Tongue Drum Vs Handpan Matching Difference!

There are many similarities and differences between steel tongue drum vs handpan. Both instruments are played with the hands, and both can...

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How To Play The Jaw Harp?

The jaw harp, also known as a mouth harp, is a folk instrument played by plucking a metal reed with the teeth while holding the frame in...

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What Is A Harp?

A harp is a musical instrument that has a triangular frame and a series of strings of graduated lengths that are plucked with the fingers....

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How To Play Bandura Instrument?

Learning to play the bandura is a rewarding experience that can bring you hours of enjoyment. This traditional Ukrainian instrument is a...

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What Is A Bandura Instrument?

A bandura is a traditional Ukrainian folk instrument. It is a stringed instrument with a long neck and a large, flat body. Banduras...

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